FoodLogiQ By the Numbers in 2021

114,000 Locations

  • 23,000 Brand Locations
  • 91,000 Supplier Locations

732,000 Products

  • 426,000 Brand Products
  • 306,000 Supplier Products

Events and Incidents

  • 103,000,000 Critical Tracking Events
  • 1,034,000  Quality Incidents Uncovered

International Statistics

  • 32,000 Locations
  • 6,100  Suppliers
  • 134  Countries

Supplier Collaboration

  • 18,500 Suppliers in the FoodLogiQ Network
  • 40,000 Workflows Supporting Supplier Engagement
  • 340,000 Completed Supplier Documents 

Partnering with Industry Leaders

Below are some of the many new partners who joined the FoodLogiQ network in 2021.

Screen Shot 2021-10-01 at 10.30.41 AM TacoJohns

Join Us In 2022


While we are incredibly proud to have reached these benchmarks in 2021, we know this is only the beginning. The FoodLogiQ team is working towards further connecting the world's supply chain and building food industry resilience in 2022 by solving critical problems for food businesses.

If you are ready to take the first steps towards food transparency, start 2022 off with an easy action by exploring how FoodLogiQ Connect can address pain points in your supply chain management. Our intuitive SaaS platform will prepare your team for the rapidly evolving standards we see throughout the industry. Get started today!

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