How Connected is the FoodLogiQ Supply Chain in 2019?

FoodLogiQ has spent 2019 accelerating traceability, enabling supply chain visibility and strengthening food businesses

We're thrilled to share benchmarks for how our customers and users have leveraged FoodLogiQ Connect to advance food safety and transparency to date. With more locations, suppliers, and critical tracking events in our system than ever, we'd like to thank all of our partners for helping drive efficient communication, standardized data usage, compliance, and consumer well-being throughout the global supply chain.

Join us in 2020 as we continue to build a resilient food industry with intuitive SaaS products.

100,000+ Locations

We're proud to announce we surpassed the 100,000 benchmark for locations managed with FoodLogiQ Connect in 2019, including over 50,000 brand locations and over 40,000 supplier locations.

  • 100,047 Total Locations 
  • 56,214 Brand Locations
  • 43,833 Supplier Locations

100,000+ Locations

Making a Global Impact

The world's supply chain is more global than ever in 2019, and FoodLogiQ's supplier network reflects this. We boast over 13,000 international supplier locations, helping bring consistency and transparency to food no matter where it is created or consumed.

  • 13,812 International Supplier Locations
  • 3,915 International Suppliers

Moving Towards Whole Chain Traceability

Traceability is here to stay, putting companies that prioritize supply chain transparency at an advantage as the industry evolves. FoodLogiQ Connect has become a traceability hub in 2019, with over 25 Million tracking events in our system connecting the supply chain to date—a number that has grown over by over 1 Million events in November 2019 alone.

  • 25.5 Million Critical Tracking Events in FoodLogiQ Connect


Strong Supplier Collaboration

A connected supply chain can also be measured in efficient and clear communication. FoodLogiQ Connect data illustrates the level of collaboration supply chain partners are achieving to optimize their food business operations.

  • 16,000 Suppliers in the FoodLogiQ Network
  • 30,500 Workflows Supporting Supplier Engagement
  • 63,000 Completed Documentation To-Dos 
  • 184,000+ Documents in FoodLogiQ Connect

Supplier Collaboration

Protecting Consumers

With food traceability and supply chain transparency comes better food quality management. FoodLogiQ is deeply committed to protecting consumers first, and are heartened by the number of incidents our system has helped bring to light to date. Each quality incident uncovered is a step closer to food safety throughout the supply chain.

  • 317,000 Incidents Uncovered

Partnering with Industry Leaders

2019 brought FoodLogiQ many exciting new partners in food safety and transparency, as well as deeper collaborations with our existing customers and suppliers. We're proud to include leaders from consumer goods, retail, grocery and fast casual in our connected supply chain!


What Our Customers Are Saying

We are firm believers that prioritizing traceability and food quality improves brands, consumer loyalty, and business efficiency. Our customers prove time and again that being mission driven is compatible with transforming the industry on every level.

“We have seen an incredible reduction in the amount of time that stores took to respond to recalls and that’s all due to FoodLogiQ’s Recall + Response.” - Whole Foods Market

"This will lay the foundation for a digital transformation of our supplier management system.” - Tyson Foods

"Our ROI has been immediate." - Pacific International Marketing

"Traceability is a must-have in the food industry.”  - CAVA Grill

Join Us In 2020

While we are incredibly proud to have reached these benchmarks in 2019, we know that this is only the beginning. The FoodLogiQ team is working towards further connecting the world's supply chain and accelerating traceability in 2020 by solving critical problems for food businesses. If you are ready to take the first steps towards food transparency, start 2020 off with an easy action by exploring how FoodLogiQ Connect can address pain points in your supply chain management. Our intuitive SaaS platform will prepare your team for the rapidly evolving standards we are seeing throughout the industry. Get started today!


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