About the Webinar

Whole Foods Market

Join our webinar on April 16th when FoodLogiQ will talk with Bryna Wortham and Victoria Goss of Whole Foods Market, about key success factors in implementing and rolling out a recall management system.

Date: Tuesday, April 16th
Time: 2:00 PM ET / 11:00 AM PT

During the webinar we will discuss:

  • The business challenges and pain points Whole Foods experienced prior to the use of FoodLogiQ Connect's Recall + Response;

  • Best practices, including the use of mock recalls, which allowed the Whole Foods team to practice, test and improve processes in preparation for a live event;

  • How Recall + Response has helped streamline communications to all stakeholders, providing real-time visibility during a product recall, and enabling issues to be escalated to leadership in a timely fashion.