What Consumers Care About in the Age of Transparency


A Food Brand's Guide to What Consumers Care About in the Age of Transparency

Gaining the informed consumer's trust and loyalty

Consumers' mindset about food has drastically shifted over the past several years. General interest in healthy ingredients, food origins and product handling is no longer a trend, but instead, has led to a full shift in public consciousness. Consumers are more informed than ever about the food they eat, as well as who generates and supplies it. As a result, we are now living in an age of transparency.

Factors such as globalization, increased imports from foreign suppliers, digitization and federal regulationsWhat Consumers Care About have significantly influenced consumer expectations regarding food quality and safety. In connection with these components, there are several things that consumers want to know and that will gain their trust, loyalty and purchasing power.

Simultaneously, there are also consumer deal breakers to be aware of and with careful planning, avoid. To better understand what consumers expect from food companies in terms of food traceability, recalls and foodborne illness prevention, FoodLogiQ polled over 2,000 U.S. consumers. This guide compiles key findings, insights and tips to gain and guard consumers' purchasing power.

Download the guide to learn:
  • What consumers crave in regards to food traceability
  • Why transparent labeling is key
  • What a recall will really cost you
  • How to grow and retain consumer loyalty while protecting your brand


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