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WEBINAR: How FSMA Impacts the Retail Industry

Dive deep into how fsma affects your retail company with gina kramer, and learn how to effect change within your organization 

About The Webinar

Food safety & FSMA preparation are critical components of retail food companies, and in this webinar FoodLogiQ and Gina Kramer of Savour Food Safety International will teach you the most important facts about food safety in retail. During this webinar, you will learn: 

  • How retail companies can create change around food safety in their organizations
  • How retail companies can communicate during times of crisis both internally and externally
  • Why a holistic approach to food safety / quality can be profitable for a company instead of costly

Gina (Nicholson) Kramer

About Our Speaker 
Gina Kramer

Gina Kramer is the Executive Director at Savour Food Safety International, specializing in assisting food safety professionals to create long-term food safety culture and behavior change within their own organizations. She takes a holistic approach to building food safety / quality programs within her client's organization through the development of food safety mentorship programs and creating marketing communication plans around food safety points before, during and after a crisis.

In addition to her work at Savour, Gina has spent extensive time at both NSF International and The Kroger Company, building comprehensive food safety programs for retail teams working with leadership, front-line employees, auditors and consultants to create positive change results.

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Date: Tuesday, April 12th, 2016
Time: 1pm ET / 10am PT
Duration: 1 Hour

What People Have Said About Previous Webinars

QuoteUseful information in better understanding supply chain transparency. My clients ask where their food comes from (place of origin); this will help transparency.

QuoteWe are a small farm and we do not have a system for traceability. This was very helpful in seeing what our next steps should be and how much more we can do.   

QuoteEye opening information about the simple ways traceability tactics can be implemented at all levels of the supply chain.

- Restaurant Operator - Farmer - Distributor