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WEBINAR: FSMA & Foreign Supplier Verification Rules

Dive deep into the Food Safety Modernization Act's foreign supplier verification rules with Matt Regusci

About The Webinar

If you work with foreign suppliers it's imperative that you understand the foreign supplier verification rules taking effect with FSMA, and in this webinar FoodLogiQ and Matt Regusci of WQS Food Verification and TrainToComply will teach you exactly what to watch for and why it matters for your company.

What You'll Learn:

  • The specific requirements that imported food must meet
  • What importers are responsible for when it comes to food safety plans
  • How much power the FDA has in stopping imports from suppliers it suspects of violations

Matt Regusci

About Our Speaker 
Matt Regusci

Matthew Regusci specializes in supply chain food safety and compliance from farming & harvesting to packing, marketing, processing and distributing. Matthew and his team work directly with major retailers, marketers, distributors and processors to simplify complex compliance programs and make large supply chains pliable.

In addition, Matthew provides GFSI Certification audits and sustainability audits, as well as preparation and training for companies centered around the Food Safety Modernization Act.

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Duration: 1 Hour

What People Have Said About Previous Webinars

QuoteUseful information in better understanding supply chain transparency. I constantly see my clients ask more and more about where their food comes from (last place of origin); this will help to be more transparent.
- Restaurant Operator

QuoteWe are a small farm and we do not have a system for traceability. This was very helpful in seeing what our next steps should be and how much more we can do.   

- Farmer

QuoteEye opening information about the simple ways traceability tactics can be implemented at all levels of the supply chain.   

- Distributor