FoodLogiQ & Testo Partnership

FoodLogiQ and Testo Partner to Revolutionize Global Food Supply Chain


The FoodLogiQ and Testo partnership offers food companies a way to improve food safety, food traceability and temperature monitoring efficiency through IoT technology integrated with a centralized SaaS platform. 

Industry benefits of the partnership include:

  • Fully Connected Digital HACCP Capabilities: The partnership will connect a HACCP-certified measurement data monitoring system with the industry's leading food safety SaaS platform.
  • Temperature Monitoring and Quality Notifications: Using Testo temperature probes, food companies can easily measure temperatures and set predetermined limits for different types of products or locations. When those products go outside those limits, anywhere from the loading dock to the freezer case, FoodLogiQ's platform will automatically push quality incident notifications to anyone who needs to be informed.
  • Proactive Product Movement Monitoring: Pairing mobile temperature sensors with traceability data will allow food companies to pinpoint exactly where and when in the chain of custody if product goes out of temperature range.




FoodLogiQ & Testo

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