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See FoodLogiQ Connect In Action

Food companies are under the magnifying glass - from consumers to regulators - and modern supply chains demand safety, traceability and transparency. We'll show you how it's done.

Join our monthly guided tour of FoodLogiQ Connect with food safety expert Jeff Ramsaur.

Gathering, segmenting and analyzing your supply chain data is critical to making decisions in support of a safe and transparent supply chain. With FoodLogiQ Connect, you can derive useful insights and report them directly across your organization easily and quickly.

With FoodLogiQ Connect’s custom reporting functionality, you can track data about suppliers, documents, events, quality incidents and more to analyze your food supply chain and create insights-driven plans for safety and success.

What can FoodLogiQ Connect do for me?


Mitigate Risk to Your Brand

Food recalls are expensive to your brand and your bottom line. If a supplier or distributor messes up, it's your brand, not theirs that pays the cost in public opinion. Keep your supply chain compliant with FoodLogiQ.


Manage Recalls Quicker

Food recalls happen. When the clock starts on a recall, get bad product out of the supply chain quickly and efficiently.


Trace End-to-End

End-to-end traceability from the grower to the end of your chain. Identify the root cause of quality issues and address them quickly and efficiently.


Communicate With Suppliers

Communication fosters transparency. FoodLogiQ Connect is a single, community-based platform for your supply chain - support compliance, prepare for FSMA, document actions - all from the same interface.

Join our Monthly Demo

Date: Thursday, March 23rd
Time: 2pm EST / 11am PST
Duration: 45 minutes